Layout and Design

Boat Names

Choose a typestyle that fits the character of the name you’ve chosen. Have fun designing it. Coast Guard regulations require all documented boats names to be at least four inches in height and the hail port must be four inches in height and be in all caps. Boat Registration Numbers: Federal regulations require all boat registration numbers to be three inches in height, a block typestyle and in a color contrasting with the background. There must be a full space between the letters and numbers.


Window Lettering

Light colors usually show up better on windows. White letters will have the most contrast on windows. Keep in mind the color of the window shades. If you order white letters but use white window shades in the afternoon, your letters won’t be visible during that time. Lettering shows up best when placed on the outside of the window.  If you prefer to letter it on the inside, please contact us and we can cut your letters in reverse.


Keep it simple. If your vehicle has too many lines of text on it, people won’t take the time to read it. Spend some time thinking about what it is you’d like to advertise. If your truck or van is traveling at 55 mph a person will only have a second or two to read what is on it. Do you have a logo? We suggest using your logo whenever possible. Your logo should be unique and easily recognizable. Consistency in design is very important. Use your logo on all of your advertising.


Sign / Banner Design

First, check the sign ordinance for your city or township to find out what you’re allowed. You will probably need to get a sign permit. Second, decide the best location for your sign. Place it in an area where it will be easily seen. Generally, people will only have two to three seconds to find your business and/or read your message. Next, you’ll want your lettering to be visible from the viewing distance. Our visibility chart can help you in determining the proper letter height. Don’t put too much text on your sign. Unless your sign is in an area where the speed limit is slow or where people are leisurely strolling by, if it’s time consuming to read, chances are people won’t make the effort. Your sign has to compete with many other signs nearby.


As far as layout is concerned, you’ll want to leave some “air” around your letters. Text that is all crammed together decreases legibility. You should try to achieve a design that is both legible and interesting to the viewer. One way to do that is to emphasize only the most important words on your sign. Every line of text does not need an outline and drop shadow. Use your logo whenever possible.



The height of the text is the same in both examples, but without enough white space around it, it can become hard to read.


When it comes to color, try to achieve a high contrast. The best outdoor color combinations are shown here. Again, keep it simple. You don’t need a different color for every line of text. There are exceptions; if you have distinct colors in your logo, try to use them as much as possible. Be consistent in all of your advertising.