Make Your Own Plywood Panel

There are a number of steps to follow when making a plywood sign panel. It is best not to take shortcuts. Your sign panel won’t hold up if you do. Begin by purchasing MDO (Medium Density Overlaid) Plywood. Regular plywood will not hold up outdoors. You may have to special order this from a lumber yard.

  1. Using a hand router, remove the sharp edges. The primer will adhere better to a smooth rounded edge.
  2. Prime the panel – we recommend purchasing a good primer. Follow their instructions on priming. Also follow manufacturer’s recommendations on which type of paint to use as a finish coat.
  3. We recommend two coats of primer. Sand your sign panel between coats and remove any dust before painting.
  4. We recommend two coats of finish paint, sanding and removing dust between coats. Do not use a flat paint for your finish paint. Vinyl does not adhere well to flat paints.
  5. Paint must be COMPLETELY cured before installing your vinyl letters.