Preparing Surfaces for Vinyl Letters

Vinyl letters will adhere to most painted wood, painted metal, glass, fiberglass and some plastic surfaces. The surface must be smooth. Painted surfaces must be completely cured before applying vinyl. Surfaces painted with oil based enamels work best. If applying to interior walls they should be painted with a semi gloss paint. Vinyl letters will not adhere to rough surfaces such as raw wood, chipped/peeling paint, cloth, rubber or unpainted metal.

The surface temperature must be at least 55 °F. for vinyl to adhere properly.

All surfaces must be considered dirty and cleaned prior to applying vinyl letters. Use soap and water to clean most surfaces. Any waxes should be removed with a combination of isopropyl alcohol and water. The surface temperature must be at least 60 °F. to insure proper installation.


Vinyl letters will not adhere to vehicles or boats that have been waxed. Vinyl letters will not stick to some tinted windows. Do not apply vinyl letters to the back of vehicles that have wiper blades. The wiper blades will scratch the letters.


Wash gently with soap and water. Never Power Wash. It will chip and/or remove the letters. Do not get gasoline, solvents or oil on the letters. It will destroy them.