Removing Vinyl

removal-vinylThere are several products and chemicals on the market to aid in vinyl removal. Unless you are removing a large quantity of vinyl we suggest using heat. Warm the vinyl with a heat gun. This will soften both the vinyl and the adhesive underneath. Once the vinyl is warm start peeling it away with your fingers. Do not use tools such as x-acto knives. You may damage or scratch the surface. It is best to start with low heat and slowly increase the temperature until the vinyl is peeling relatively easily. Too much heat will damage the surface under the graphic and leave the vinyl brittle, making it more difficult to remove. Be patient, this can be a time consuming job depending on how old the vinyl is.

We also sell a chisler vinyl removal tool that may be of additional help. Hold the tool on an angle and with a repetitive downward motion, get between the vinyl and the surface to remove the adhesive from behind the vinyl.

Next you will need to remove any remaining adhesive. “Goo-Gone” (available in most hardware stores) or Mineral Spirits will work.

As a last step, wash the surface thoroughly with soap and water to remove any traces of adhesive.

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